STUDENT: Nicholas Misani

PUBLIC: Karen, a 60-something pilates instructor and senior model, challenged by her relationship to money, technology, and image.

PROJECT #1: iPhone Journal
Witness to Karen's many difficulties with the iPhone's interface, and its various functionalities, and resulting high anxiety levels, Nick responded with an analog companion: a technology journal. Written in the voice of a Catskills Comedian circa 1950, the journal transforms Karen's battle into empowerment. Each page of the journal contains prompts for Karen to write the problem she's having, how she solved it, and who to call on, in case she needs future help with the issue.

PROJECT #2: Game of Life: Tale of a Jewish Princess
Over the course of his various attempts to help redirect Karen's expressed anxieties, Nick learned that part of Karen's enjoyment of life resides in kvetching about it. Capitalizing on the pride with which she shares her life history, and offering up some of his own subtle insights, Nick designed, built and played the game with Karen.

READ the full case study of Nick's semester with Karen in this PDF.

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