STUDENT: Richard Hall

PUBLIC: Patrice, a self-employed 30something theater director/actress/teacher/grant writer/sommelier, a professional at engaging audiences, but struggling to find focus in her own life, unable to direct her own life with the ease and clarity she does other performers, students, and colleagues.

PROJECT #1: Life Blocking
As means to help Patrice apply her professional skills to her own life, he overlaid a grid of emotions onto a stage. A visual journal of sorts, the piece was meant to help Patrice identify the positions she was in and help create movement towards more desirable states.

PROJECT #2: One Act
Based on the feedback from Life-blocking, Richard took this project one step further, writing a one act play starring 6 characters, all named Patrice. They meet over coffee to discuss their various challenges, and offer each other suggestions about how to succeed. A performance of the play was played for Patrice, who was asked to give director's notes on the plot, the character development, and overall dramaturgy, in effect, providing for herself a sort of life notes.

READ the full case study of Richard's semester with Patrice in this PDF.

 Life Blocking   Booklet exterior 
 Life Blocking   Interior  
 Life Blocking   Interior 2 
 One Act   Patrices toast each other