AUDIENCE: Who will encounter your magic circle? While the answer is ‘anyone who sees it’ be more specific: the more specific you can be about who they are and what they do, the more successful your intervention will be.

INVITATION: How will you draw your audience into your circle? How will you grab their attention? Once you have it, how will they know what to do?

VOICE: What is the tone of your intervention and what language are you using? Is it symbolic like traffic signs and road markings? Is it accessible to your user? Inviting? Inspiring? Easy to understand?

GESTURE V. TEXT: How will you communicate the edges of the circle, and the activity inside?
Time frame: what is the duration of the experience? When does it begin, unfold and end? How much time can we ask from our visitors?

PUBLICITY: What does it mean to work in public space? What are the advantages and constraints?

EXPECTATION and FRAME: How will you manipulate each as you inscribe your experience?