An important part UPX's Learn Anywhere project at Education Nation was a friendly identity. UBIQ, the world of learning, served as the ambassador for the hybrid online/offline experience. After proceeding through the kiosks at Rockefeller Center during Education Nation, participants received UBIQ's Passport to Learning around New York City.

The passport contained a map of popular tourist attractions, turned into meaningful learning experiences.. Postcard-sized outlines of each lesson marrying each tourist location with the various modes of learning were contained in each passport. From learning Chinese in Chinatown to orienteering in Central Park to knot-tying at South Street Seaport, each post card contained information for each lesson as well as a larger context for that lesson opportunities for further learning on the back. Awaiting participants at locations all over the city were mobile stations, denoted by large UBIQ balloons, and experts in blue jackets present to engage visitors in a 5-10 minute lesson on site. In collaboration with IDEO.

For images of the kiosks and experience installation, please see UPX at Education Nation under EXPERIENCE.